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  • American Hose Hoop Machine Jun 21, 2022
    Definition of American Hose Hoop Machine:   The American-style throat hoop machine is a stainless steel throat hoop. It adopts the steel belt through-hole technology to make the screws and steel belts closely match. In order to give full play to the advantages of convenient operation and improve the use efficiency of the product, the product is applied to the oil circuit, water circuit and gas circuit of the automobile to make the sealing of the pipe joints more firm.   The occlusal groove on the steel belt of the N-type throat hoop is formed by hollowing and pressing through. There are two groove shapes: rectangular hole and willow hole. The worm gear screw on the throat hoop, the screw is inserted into the groove, and the universal screw tightens the diameter of the throat hoop steel belt, so as to have a locking function.   Features of American Hoop Hoop Machine:   Because the occlusal groove of the American throat hoop machine passes through, and the teeth of the screw are embedded, the locking is more powerful. Accurate bite. However, since the steel belt is completely hollow, it is easy to break when the tension is large. This tensile strength is stronger than German hose clamps.   This hose clamp can be widely used in the connection of leather pipes of technical equipment in Chinese automobile enterprises, such as pipelines, water pumps, fans, food engineering machinery, chemical production machinery and other industries. Beautiful and generous. In the American hose hoop machine, it is divided into small American type, middle American type and large American type. It is determined by the width of the steel strip. The width of the small American style is 8MM, the width of the middle American style is 10MM, and the width of the large American style is 12.7MM.   Throat collars are fasteners for hard and soft pipes. The throat ring solves the problem of liquid and gas leakage when connecting small diameter soft and hard pipes with the throat ring. The throat ring consists of open inner and outer rings and is fastened with bolts. The throat belt effectively solves the problem of small diameters when connecting soft and hard pipes, resulting in liquid and gas leakage. Simple structure, the cost is 30% of the original product. Hose belts are widely used in automotive, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, sewage treatment, purification and dust removal and other auto parts and other mechanical accessories.   Features of American Hoop Hoop Machine: The friction of the worm is small, which is suitable for the connection of high-end vehicles or parts of anti-corrosion materials. The American-style hose clamp machine has a wide range of applications, anti-torsion and compression, torque balance, firm and tight locking, and a large adjustment range. It is suitable for fasteners connected with soft and hard pipes above 30mm.   The average lifespan of American-style hose hoop machines is 3 to 4 years, and some even need to be replaced once in one or two years due to the particularity of the environment, which increases maintenance costs. The above, and if the environment allows, the service life will also increase accordingly, greatly reducing the maintenance cost, and the application range is wider, and with the development of technology, the use of American-style hose clamps is getting simpler and faster. , disassembly is very convenient, there is no problem at all as long as you follow the instructions during installation, and you can choose different types according to different pressures. In general, different types of hose clamps have their own characteristics, and the choice can be combined with the actual situation.

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