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  • American Hose Hoop Machine Jun 21, 2022
    Definition of American Hose Hoop Machine:   The American-style throat hoop machine is a stainless steel throat hoop. It adopts the steel belt through-hole technology to make the screws and steel belts closely match. In order to give full play to the advantages of convenient operation and improve the use efficiency of the product, the product is applied to the oil circuit, water circuit and gas circuit of the automobile to make the sealing of the pipe joints more firm.   The occlusal groove on the steel belt of the N-type throat hoop is formed by hollowing and pressing through. There are two groove shapes: rectangular hole and willow hole. The worm gear screw on the throat hoop, the screw is inserted into the groove, and the universal screw tightens the diameter of the throat hoop steel belt, so as to have a locking function.   Features of American Hoop Hoop Machine:   Because the occlusal groove of the American throat hoop machine passes through, and the teeth of the screw are embedded, the locking is more powerful. Accurate bite. However, since the steel belt is completely hollow, it is easy to break when the tension is large. This tensile strength is stronger than German hose clamps.   This hose clamp can be widely used in the connection of leather pipes of technical equipment in Chinese automobile enterprises, such as pipelines, water pumps, fans, food engineering machinery, chemical production machinery and other industries. Beautiful and generous. In the American hose hoop machine, it is divided into small American type, middle American type and large American type. It is determined by the width of the steel strip. The width of the small American style is 8MM, the width of the middle American style is 10MM, and the width of the large American style is 12.7MM.   Throat collars are fasteners for hard and soft pipes. The throat ring solves the problem of liquid and gas leakage when connecting small diameter soft and hard pipes with the throat ring. The throat ring consists of open inner and outer rings and is fastened with bolts. The throat belt effectively solves the problem of small diameters when connecting soft and hard pipes, resulting in liquid and gas leakage. Simple structure, the cost is 30% of the original product. Hose belts are widely used in automotive, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, sewage treatment, purification and dust removal and other auto parts and other mechanical accessories.   Features of American Hoop Hoop Machine: The friction of the worm is small, which is suitable for the connection of high-end vehicles or parts of anti-corrosion materials. The American-style hose clamp machine has a wide range of applications, anti-torsion and compression, torque balance, firm and tight locking, and a large adjustment range. It is suitable for fasteners connected with soft and hard pipes above 30mm.   The average lifespan of American-style hose hoop machines is 3 to 4 years, and some even need to be replaced once in one or two years due to the particularity of the environment, which increases maintenance costs. The above, and if the environment allows, the service life will also increase accordingly, greatly reducing the maintenance cost, and the application range is wider, and with the development of technology, the use of American-style hose clamps is getting simpler and faster. , disassembly is very convenient, there is no problem at all as long as you follow the instructions during installation, and you can choose different types according to different pressures. In general, different types of hose clamps have their own characteristics, and the choice can be combined with the actual situation.
  • Introduction of hose clamp machine Aug 23, 2023
    Hose clamp machines are a very important class of equipment when we talk about machining and assembly. They are widely used in various industrial fields for the automatic and efficient installation and fixing of fasteners (such as bolts, nuts, screws, etc.). The following is a brief introduction to the hose clamp machine.   Hose clamp machines are designed to provide an automated and efficient solution for handling high volume fastener installation tasks. These machines often feature advanced technology and innovative designs that combine mechanics, electronics and control systems. They identify, pick and install fasteners quickly and accurately to ensure high-quality assembly results.   Hose clamp machines can be divided into many types according to different applications and needs. One common type is an automatic threaded hose clamp machine, which is used to automatically install and secure threaded connections. These machines have a powerful drive system and control functions, which can achieve accurate torque control and angle control to ensure the correctness and firmness of the threaded connection.   Another type is the automatic screw hose clamp machine, which is mainly used for installing and fixing screws. These machines are usually equipped with high-speed drive system and intelligent control interface, which can complete the automatic assembly of screws quickly and stably. Some machines also have an automatic feeding system for continuous supply of screws to improve work efficiency.   The advantages of Hose clamp machines are efficiency and accuracy. They can quickly complete a large number of fastener installation tasks, greatly improving production efficiency. Compared with manual installation, the machine can achieve more accurate torque control and angle control during the installation process, thus ensuring the quality and consistency of assembly.   In addition, the hose clamp machine has good reliability and repeatability. They use high-quality components and materials and have a long service life. The design and workmanship of the machines ensure their stability and durability, performing well in continuous operation and high-load working environments.   With the continuous advancement of technology, some Hose clamp machines are also intelligent and self-adaptive. They can monitor the assembly process in real time through sensors and feedback systems and make adjustments and optimizations as needed. Such intelligent features further enhance the performance and flexibility of Hose clamp machines.   To sum up, Hose clamp machines play an important role in modern industry. They increase productivity and product quality through automation and efficient fastener installation. The accuracy, reliability and intelligence of Hose clamp machines make them critical equipment for many production lines and assembly processes. With the continuous advancement of technology, Hose clamp machines will continue to develop and make greater contributions to the development of the industry in various fields.
  • German type hose clamp assembly machine Aug 29, 2023
    German type hose clamp assembly machine -- the first choice tool to improve connection quality and reliability The German type hose clamp assembly machine is an efficient connection tool widely used in the manufacturing industry. It is widely recognized and used in the industry for its high efficiency, precision and reliability. The German-style hose clamp assembly machine adopts advanced automation technology, which effectively improves production efficiency and product quality, and becomes an important tool for connecting pipes and assembling products.   German type hose clamp assembly machines focus on precision and reliability, designed to minimize human errors and defect rates. They are manufactured with precision to ensure the exact size and connection strength of each assembled part. The German type hose clamp assembly machine can evenly apply the clamping force, ensure a firm seal between the connection and the pipe, and effectively prevent leakage and loosening. This precision and reliability are critical factors in manufacturing, increasing product reliability and longevity.   Intelligent technology has been widely used in the German type hose clamp assembly machine, which further enhances the convenience and safety of its operation. Modern German type hose clamp assembly machines are equipped with advanced control systems and sensors, which can automatically monitor and adjust the connection force to ensure that each connection meets the specified standards. In addition, intelligent technology also endows the German type hose clamp assembly machine with the ability to cooperate with other equipment to achieve a higher degree of automation and process optimization. By integrating with robots and automated production lines, the German type hose clamp assembly machine can achieve high-speed and accurate assembly, greatly improving production efficiency.   Flexibility and expandability are another advantage of the German type hose clamp assembly machine. They can be adapted to a variety of fittings and pipes of different specifications and sizes, and are widely used in different industries. The design of the German type hose clamp assembly machine takes into account the diverse production needs, providing adjustable and customizable components to meet the diverse product assembly requirements. This flexibility makes the German type hose clamp assembly machine an important tool for enterprises to improve the adaptability and flexibility of the production line.     In general, the German type hose clamp assembly machine plays an important role in the manufacturing industry as an efficient, precise and reliable connecting tool. They improve production efficiency and product quality through advanced automation technology, intelligent application and flexible design. The application of the German type hose clamp assembly machine will continue to promote the automation and intelligent development of the manufacturing industry, and provide reliable connection solutions for all walks of life. Whether in automobile manufacturing, mechanical processing, electronic manufacturing or other industries, the German type hose clamp assembly machine is the preferred tool for connection quality and reliability, bringing higher efficiency and competitiveness to enterprises.
  • Introduction of several commonly used hose clamps Sep 14, 2023
    1. American hose clamp, also known as conventional hose clamp, is a general-purpose hose clamp that is widely used. Features: The rectangular hole on the steel belt provides a more powerful and precise bite, and the torque is larger than that of the German hose clamp; the disadvantage is that there is a dead angle under the worm, which is prone to leakage. Application: American hose clamps are widely used, mainly including the automotive industry (connection of air intake system, radiator hose, heater hose, turbocharger, diesel particulate filter, exhaust gas circulation system, etc.), fire protection, railway,White goods, agriculture, maritime, medical and food industries. 2. German hose clamp, The main difference between the German hose clamp and the American hose clamp is that it is non-perforated, and the non-perforated and flanged design can protect the surface of the hose from damage. Features: balanced torque, uniform pressure, can provide a stable and safe fastening effect; the disadvantage is that there is a dead angle under the worm, which is prone to leakage. Application: Usually used in the automotive industry, white goods, industry, mining, maritime and other industries, especially for the connection of hoses, the corresponding material can be selected according to the actual application environment. 3. single-ear stepless hose clamp Features: 360° stepless design, even force compression on the surface of the hose, all-round sealing guarantee, no dead angle. The cochlear design compensates the dimensional changes of the fastened parts caused by temperature changes, maintains a good fastening state for a long time, and effectively prevents leakage; small in size, simple, fast and safe to install. Application: Widely used in hoses and plastic pipes, especially suitable for beverages, automobiles, ships, motorcycles and industries.   Installation: This kind of hose clamp installation requires the use of special single-ear stepless clamps. Put the hose on the appropriate size single-ear stepless hose clamp, insert it into the connecting device, and place the hose clamp in the correct position. Then clamp the hose clamp ears with single-ear straight pliers, and use side pliers if the space does not permit, and make them parallel to the pipe fittings when installing. 4. T-shaped strong hose clamp Features: The strap has strong tension and torque, and provides uniform sealing pressure. There is no dead angle in 360° to effectively prevent leakage. The edge and inner side of the strap are smoothed to protect the rubber hose. The welded structure improves safety and reliability. Applications: T-bolt hose clamps are used to provide leak-free connections, typical installations include truck air intakes and hoses, automotive cooling valve piping, turbine flange connections, motorcycle exhaust systems, marine applications, rubber hoses for irrigation systems, water pump hoses and filter bags, etc. 5. Torque compensation hose clamp The torque compensation hose clamp is developed on the basis of the conventional hose clamp. By adding an elastic steel ring inside the conventional hose clamp, it can effectively compensate for the torque attenuation caused by the aging of the hose or thermal expansion and contraction. Features: The unique design of the deformable elastic steel ring has no dead angle of 360° compared with the conventional hose clamp, which can effectively compensate the torque attenuation and prevent leakage and loosening. Application: Widely used in automobile industry, marine, household appliances, motorcycles, food, agriculture, fire protection and other fields.
  • Advantages of enterprises introducing non-standard automation equipment
    Advantages of enterprises introducing non-standard automation equipment Oct 09, 2023
    1. Reduce labor intensity With the adoption of automation technology, machines can complete most of the cumbersome, hard, annoying and even harmful work, thereby reducing workers' labor intensity. 2. Improve economic efficiency The use of automation technology can reduce the production area, reduce the number of direct production workers, and free workers from routine manual labor to engage in more creative work. Due to the improvement of labor productivity, the output of the system increases, and the change in the ratio of input and output shows that economic benefits can be effectively improved. 3. Improve product quality In the automated manufacturing system, due to the use of various high-precision guidance, positioning, feeding, adjustment, detection, vision systems or components, the high precision of product assembly and production is ensured, while the product quality is highly repeatable and consistent. Significantly reduce the defective rate, thus greatly improving product quality. 4. Save production costs Automated production replaces manual labor and can produce more high-quality products for enterprises within a specified time. At the same time, the machine can run continuously, thus significantly reducing manufacturing costs under mass production conditions. 5. Improve productivity The use of automation technology can greatly shorten the auxiliary time in the product manufacturing process, improve productivity, shorten the manufacturing cycle, allow companies to deliver products quickly, reduce raw material losses, and improve the company's competitiveness in the market. 6. Conducive to product updates Modern flexible automated manufacturing technology makes it easier to change manufacturing objects, has a wider range of adaptability, and is very conducive to product updates, so it is especially suitable for multi-variety, small-batch production methods.

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