• Surgical / Medical Face Mask Machine PLC Touch Screen Control

Surgical / Medical Face Mask Machine PLC Touch Screen Control

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 set
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/per Month
  • Accuracy: +-1%
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Customized: New
  • Voltage : 220v or380v 50 60 hz
  • Speed:: 6000~8000BPH
  • Size: : L:5000mm*W700mm*H1800mm
  • Weight : 850kg
  • Roll material : 3mm(W), 0.6~0.8mm(thickness)
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    This auto face mask blank making machine is developed by our engineer team base on the market demand. It is an automatic machine to produce the flat face mask. From material feeding to producing face mask with highly integrate air, electronic, imported PLC control. Simple operation, easy learning. Only 1 person are needed to operate.


    1.The machine is made of aluminum alloy which makes it beautiful,prevented from rust and has a small size.
    2.The machine can make the 1-3 levels mask blank according for the customer’s require with a high output.
    3. Can adjust the size of the mask blank and the folding location.
    4.Compared with sub-mask production equipment, this set of equipment more efficient, more economical artificial;
    5.The computer program control and photoelectric detection make it have a high reliability and low failure rate.

    Machine parameter:

    non-woven fabrics Top layer 25g / w 175mm
    Mid layer 25g / w 175mm
    Sub layer 20g / w 200mm
    Voltage 220v or380v 50 60 hz Roll material 3mm(W), 0.6~0.8mm(thickness)
    Speed: 6000~8000BPH Size: L:5000mm*W700mm*H1800mm
    Weight 850kg


    Structure introduction: The mechanical part is divided into nine structures: cloth unwinding device, nose line installation device, fuse device, ear belt feeding device, mask folding device, finished product welding device, finished product cutting device and discharging device.

    • Cloth unwinding device: The cloth is pulled forward along with the material pulling wheel to lift the swing rod, and a displacement sensor is installed behind the swing rod. When the swing rod is lifted to rotate the metal induction plate to leave, the sensor sends a signal, and the motor rotates to transport the cloth, and then the automatic control of tension feeding can be realized.
    • Nose line installation device: The power of the nose line comes from the feeding motor. The nose line is first corrected by the nose line correction wheel. The corrected nose line is sent to the cutting mold by the feeding motor for cutting, and then pushed into the nose line welding position through the rear motor for down pressing and fusion.
    • Fusing device: After the cloth enters the tooth mold, it is welded by ultrasonic.
    • Ear Loop feeding: The Ear Loop is rotated and clamped and wound on the rotating disk. With the rotation of the rotating disk, the Ear Loop tension belt should move upward. The Ear Loop induction switch senses that the induction ring leaves the induction point and starts the motor. The motor drives the Ear Loop puller to transport the ear belt.
    • Mask folding device: The cloth will fold in half after passing the slope
    • Finished welding device: After folding, the products are welded together by ultrasonic.
    • Finished product cutting device: The cutter rotates the cloth through the middle to make the product shape
    • Discharging: The rotating mechanism drives the belt to rotate so that the products flow out along the belt directio


    Main Features

    1 . Stable , high-yielding , universal

    2 . It can be changed the mold to produce different specifications and shapes of the fish shape body mask

    3 . Good stability

    4 . Using the ultrasonic welding technology to weld the beautiful and neat pattems ,welding spot is well-distributed, the mold and the ultrasonic wave have long lifetime .

    5 . Easy to operate ,high degree of automation

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    A2: Before delivery, we shall test the machine working condition for you.

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