• Classification and characteristics of mask machine

Full automatic production mask body machine, including feeding, plastic strip type aluminum strip insertion / stripping, scene selection, ultrasonic fusion, slicing and so on, the production is very high, can produce 1-200 pieces per minute. The main power frequency conversion speed regulation can be fast or slow. Different masks can be produced by using different materials. The products have two or three layers, and the product quality is stable, the operation is convenient, the noise is low, and the floor area is small. Applicable materials: spunbonded filament non-woven fabric, 16-30g / m2, suitable for processing disposable masks.

Hot press molding: the mask raw material (non-woven fabric) and the form of hot pressing (cup shape). 1. Including automatic return action and feeding frame; 2. Forming one piece of four masks each time.

Slice: used to make outer layer (protective layer) of cup mask. The special alloy steel material is used to make flower wheel. The blade is wear-resistant and has long service life. The eccentric core type adjustment is flexible, quick and high level. Using ultrasonic wave and special steel wheel processing, the edge of cloth will not be damaged, there is no need to preheat when manufacturing without burr, and it can be operated continuously

Blank holder: press the inner and outer layers of the mask

Trimming: use pneumatic stamping to cut off the excess edge of the mask.

Welding of breathing valve: Welding respirator valve

Welding area: 130mm

Speed: 20-30 / min

The integrated structure of the machine body adopts the safety adjustment scale control; the computer intelligent control can achieve the accuracy of one thousandth of a second; the mold level adjustment, the fuselage motor automatically rises and descends, and the base horizontal adjustment.

Ear band spot welding machine: speed: 8-12 pieces / min. it can be used for welding plane, inner ear belt / outer ear belt, standard mask, duck beak type and other special-shaped masks. After the mask body is manufactured, the ear band is welded manually

Ultrasonic inner ear band mask machine uses ultrasonic welding method. When the mask is moved to the processing position, the ultrasonic wave will be generated automatically. The vibration of micro amplitude and high frequency will be formed on the ear belt, and it will be transformed into heat instantly. The material to be processed will be melted, and the ear band will be permanently pasted or embedded in the inner side of the mask body. It is a processing procedure for the production of inner ear band mask, which only needs one operator The mask body is placed in the mask disc piece by piece, and the subsequent action is automatically operated by the equipment until the finished product is completed.

Working process: (mask body) manual feeding ear belt automatic feeding ultrasonic ear band welding non-woven fabric edge feeding and wrapping ultrasonic side band welding side belt cutting finished product output counting finished product stacking conveying by conveyor belt device

Folding mask machine

Folding mask machine, also known as C-type mask machine, is a fully automatic machine for the production of folding mask body. It uses ultrasonic technology to bond 3-5 layers of PP non-woven fabric, activated carbon and filter materials, and cuts out the folding mask body, which can process 3m9001, 9002 and other mask bodies. According to the different raw materials used, the masks produced can meet different standards such as ffp1, FFP2, N95, etc. the ear strap is elastic non-woven fabric, which makes the wearer’s ears comfortable and pressure-free. The filter cloth layer of the mask has good filtering effect, which perfectly fits the Asian face shape, and can be applied to construction, mining and other high pollution industries.

Functions and features:

1. It can process 3m9001, 9002 and other folding mask body, which can be finished at one time.

2. PLC automatic control, automatic counting.

3. Simple adjusting device, easy to refuel.

4. The mould adopts extraction and replacement mode, which can quickly replace the mould and produce different types of masks.

Duck mouth mask machine

Full automatic ultrasonic duck mouth mask machine (duck mouth mask manufacturing machine) is a machine which can produce duck mouth mask for high pollution industry by using the principle of ultrasonic seamless welding. 4-10 layers of PP non-woven fabric and filter materials (such as melt blown cloth, activated carbon material, etc.) can be used in the body of the machine mask, so as to produce the finished products of various filtration levels such as N95, FFP2, etc. And this machine has a high degree of automation, from feeding to finished products are a line of automatic operation: raw materials automatic feeding, independent nose line conveying system, and can automatically fold nose line in non-woven fabric, automatic folding and finished product cutting, and can automatically add breathing valve hole. The product produced by the duck beak mask machine has beautiful appearance, stable performance, high yield, low defect rate and easy operation.

Features of duckbill mask machine:

1Automatic feeding system

2Folding system

3Ultrasonic heat sealing system

4The whole machine has stable performance, continuously adjustable production speed, high production efficiency, up to 60 pieces per minute, convenient and accurate counting, high utilization rate of raw materials, simple and convenient operation and adjustment, high degree of automation, and effective reduction of labor cost.

Post time: Nov-02-2020