• Characteristics and standards of fish shaped mask machine

The fish mask should meet the EU en149:2001 P3 standard. It is mainly used to prevent extremely fine industrial dust and metal smoke during welding operation. More than 99% of them have filtration efficiency, which is more suitable for wet and hot environment or wear protection for a long time; it is suitable for dust protection in construction, stone mining, textile, grinding, metal casting, pharmaceutical, electronic, pharmaceutical, material processing and grinding and other industries. It also has good dustproof effect on sandstorm.

Bangyin mechanical fish type mask machine is an automatic machine for folding mask body production. It uses ultrasonic technology to bond 3-5 layers of PP non-woven fabric, activated carbon and filter materials, and cuts out the folding mask body. According to the different raw materials used, the masks produced can also meet different standards such as ffp1, FFP2, N95, etc. the ear strap is elastic non-woven fabric, which makes the wearer’s ears comfortable and pressure-free. The filter cloth layer of the mask has good filtering effect, which perfectly fits the Asian face shape, and can be applied to construction, mining and other high pollution industries.

Functions and characteristics of fish mask machine

1. It can process folding mask body such as fish type folding dust mask machine, which can be processed at one time.

2. PLC automatic control, automatic counting.

3. Simple adjusting device, easy to refuel.

4. The mould adopts extraction and replacement mode, which can quickly replace the mould and produce different types of masks.

5. Aluminum alloy is used in the whole machine, which is beautiful and firm without rust.

6. Advanced feeding and receiving device.

7. High stability and low failure rate.

ir filter mask, or simply filter mask. Its working principle is to make the air containing harmful substances filtered and purified by the filter material of the mask, and then be inhaled.

Air supply type respirator refers to the clean air source isolated from harmful substances, which is sent to the face of a person for breathing through the catheter through the power action such as air compressor, compressed gas cylinder device, etc.

Filter type masks are the most widely used in daily work. The selection methods and use conditions of such masks are described in detail below. The structure of a filter mask should be divided into two parts. One is the main body of the mask, which can be simply understood as a frame of the mask; the other is the filter material part, including filter cotton for dust prevention and chemical filter box for anti-virus. Therefore, for the selection and use of filter masks, some products of Guangjia provide you with the following convenience, that is, you can use the same mask body, and when you need to dust-proof in dust working environment, you can put on the corresponding filter cotton, so that you can wear a dust mask; when you need to carry out gas prevention in a toxic environment, replace the filter cotton, and the device with it The corresponding chemical filter box, so it becomes a gas mask, or according to your work needs, to provide you with more combinations
Brief introduction of filter material for mask
The filter materials of protective masks are mainly divided into two categories, namely dust-proof and anti-toxic. Their functions are to adsorb harmful aerosols, including dust, smoke, fog drops, poisonous gases and toxic vapors, through filter materials, to block them from being inhaled.
Use of masks

The use of general masks, masks must be appropriate size, wear the way must be correct, masks will be effective. The masks sold on the market are generally divided into rectangular and cup-shaped. The rectangular mask should have at least three layers of paper structure to have protective effect. The user should press the wire on the mask on the bridge of the nose, and then spread the whole mask along the bridge of the nose, so as to play an effective role. Children can wear rectangular surgical masks, because it has no fixed shape, if well bound, can be close to the child’s face. The cup-shaped mask should be made sure that the density of the mask is enough after it is pasted on the face, so that the breath in air will not leak out in order to be effective. When wearing a cup-shaped mask, cover the mask with both hands and try to blow. Check whether there is air leakage from the edge of the mask. If the mask is not tight, you should readjust the position before wearing it.

When do I need to change the mask

1. The mask is contaminated, such as blood stains or droplets

2. The user felt that the respiratory resistance increased. Dust proof filter cotton: when the mask fits well with the user’s face, when the user feels great breathing resistance, it means that the filter cotton is full of dust particles and should be replaced.

3. The mask is damaged

4. Under the condition that the mask and the door of the user are well closed, when the user smells the smell of poison, the new mask should not be worn temporarily. From the perspective of human physiological structure, the blood circulation of nasal mucosa is very strong.

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