• 60-80pcs/min 3-4 Layers Disposable Non woven Blank Face Mask Making Machine

60-80pcs/min 3-4 Layers Disposable Non woven Blank Face Mask Making Machine

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60-80pcs/min 3-4 Layers Disposable Non woven Blank Face Mask Making Machine


The full automatic face mask making machine adopts the servo and constant temperature control system controlled by PLC. The full-automatic mask realizes the flow process of full-automatic coil feeding, folding and pressing, nose rib feeding, mask forming, mask cutting, ear band feeding and welding, finished product blanking.


Air supply
Face mask production
Face mask material
non woven
Face mask structure
3-4 layers
Control method
PLC control
about 2Ton

Using fully automatic face mask machine only one person can realize stable production, and the whole production process is fully automatic without any person Auxiliary work.


Improved Robustness
You will also improve the robustness or consistency of the face mask making process using the machine.

Apart from that, you will also increase or improve the consistency of the face masks you are making.

· Reduction in Expenses
You will reduce the amount of money that you will spend in the production process by hiring less labor resources.

The automatic surgical mask making machine performs most of its functions automatically without the help of human labor.

Due to consistency and high level of accuracy, there is very little wastage of raw materials thus reducing production cost.

· Improved Safety
Since the machine does not require a lot of human labor assistance, there will be less danger of harming many people.

Apart from that, the machine has automatic sensors that will shut it down in the face of danger or malfunctions.

· Increased Efficiency
Automatic surgical mask making machine increases the efficiency of making surgical masks.

It works with high level of accuracy in determining weight and size with very high levels of accuracy beyond human capabilities.



* The normal models of crimping machines are in stock, they can be delivered once the payment is finished. As for the customized ones, we promise that they can be deliverd within a week after we received the payment.

* Transportation, the first choice is shipping, air or land is also avaliable if customers have special request.

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