• 40 Pieces / Min N95 Face Mask Making Machine

40 Pieces / Min N95 Face Mask Making Machine

  • Voltage: AC220V 50-60HZ
  • Power:: 10KW
  • Production efficiency: : 30-40 pieces / min
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    The KN95 and N95 mask machine composed of non woven roll rack and forming system. The forming system includes embossing, pressing, cutting and conveying.The rollers on the rack can be adjusted to match the forming system. The machine has high efficiency and less waste, which steadily speeds up the collection and conveying of the mask body. The rack and forming system matching nose bridge insert and ear loop welding machine can make up a complete processing line, which improves productivity and benefit to create greater profits.


    Main function


    high-speed full-automatic one-tow-two mask machine is mainly composed of the body machine, the flap conveying line and two ear band welding machines.After the machine outputs the mask body, the conveyor belt structure transmits the mask body piece to the turnover mechanism. The mask disc is flipped onto the conveyor belt connected to the ear strap machine by a flip mechanism, then the mask sheet will be transported to the front of the ear belt machine above the mask plate through the conveyor belt, place the mask sheet into the mask plate of the earband machine by pressing down the cylinder, subsequent welding of the ear bands of the mask by the ear band machine, to complete the production of a flat outer ear mask product, the layout of the automatic line is as follows,the whole line is one – tow – two structure.


    Product Features

    1. Aluminium alloy structure is adopted, which is beautiful and firm without rust.

    2. Computer PLC (Mitsubishi PLC) programming control, high stability, low failure rate and low noise.

    3. Servo motor imported from Taiwan, stepper motor drive, high precision.

    4. Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid mistakes and reduce waste.

    5. The machine adopts pulleys and fixed feet, which is convenient and fast to move, strong fixation, and does not shake.


    Technical parameters

    1. The size of the machine is long, wide and high: the size of the whole machine is one according to the actual 1050cm * 150cm * 180cm

    2. Voltage: AC220V 50-60HZ

    3. Production efficiency: 30-40 pieces / min

    4. Power: 10KW


    Imput raw materials, automatic feeding, nose line cutting / feeding, hemming welding, folding scene, forming welding, photoelectric detection, automatic slicing, finished product output, receiving tray sorting, full automation

    No. Item Parameter
    1 size 1050 (length) * 150 (width) * 180 (height)
    2 Weight weight ≤1500KG Ground load 350KG / ㎡
    3 Color Color Sheet metal warm gray 1C, primary color of aluminum profile
    4 Working power supply 220VAC ± 5% 50HZ grounding protection rated power ≤10KW (including welding machine)
    5 Compressed air 0.4-0.6MP (clean water after dewatering, no oil, filtration, pressure stabilization), use flow rate is about 300L / min
    6 Production efficiency 30-40PCS / min (according to the actual debugging effect)
    7 Product qualification rate 99% (except for the original material and human operation)
    8 Main accessories Cylinder: AirTAC Screw guide rail: HIWIN / TBI PLC: Mitsubishi or Xinjie
    9 Operating environment General workshop environment is acceptable (no corrosive odor, no dust)

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