• 220V/380V 3000 Pcs / Hour Non Woven Mask Machine

220V/380V 3000 Pcs / Hour Non Woven Mask Machine

  • capacity: 3000 Pcs / Hour
  • keyword: Non Woven Mask Machine
  • voltage: 220V/380V
  • automatic grade: fully automatic
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    220V/380V 3000 Pcs / Hour Non Woven Mask Machine


    Blank mask making machine. It is the front stage machine for non-woven face mask production, it is fully automatic machine to produce blank masks from feeding raw material,inserting &cutting nose wire,pleating,overedge,ultrasonic welding to piece cutting.The finished blank masks will be counted and collected on conveyer.


    1. This machine is a fully automated production equipment for folding masks, which is completed automatically from raw materials (3-6 layers) to finished product output.

    2. Advanced design concept and mature technology can meet the needs of producing various folding masks.

    3. High production efficiency, accurate folding and forming, firm and beautiful ear band welding, strong pulling force, automatic nose bridge strip and automatic printing function.


    Machine Specifications

    This production line is a fully automatic one-to-two face mask machine, one body machine drives two ear band machines. After the main body machine outputs the mask body, the mask body sheet is conveyed to the turning mechanism by a conveyor belt structure. The reversing mechanism is used to flip the mask plate onto the belt connected to the ear band machine, and then the mask sheet is conveyed to the first mask plate on the front of the ear band machine through the conveyor belt, and finally the mask sheet is placed on the ear band by the cylinder pressing In the mask plate of the machine, the ear band machine is used to complete the welding of the ear bands of the mask and the edging, thereby completing the production of an ear band mask product.


    The equipment is used to produce a disposable non-woven mask. The equipment is mainly composed of feeding, shaping, welding, cutting, connecting and transferring, polar ear welding, blanking and stacking, etc. In addition to manual feeding, the whole process from the raw material feeding to the nose rib insertion edge cutting finished product stacking is fully automatic operation. The machine can be combined by one pull one or one pull two pole ear welder to meet different production capacity requirements.



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